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"Precision and quality since 1974"

Matrijzenbouw Moens is known for

· Designing and producing molds for injection-, extrusion- and vacuumforming
· Repairing molds and toolings
· Turning, milling, EDM , wire EDM
· Laserwelding




Matrijzenbouw Moens started in the beginning of the seventies by José Moens as a one-man business. Initially, mainly tools and dies were made.



After a while, the building became too small for the activities. The relocation in 1993 to the current building allowed the company to grow. Moving to a bigger building enabled us to develop further and to focus on injection moulds.


From father to son

In 2002 his son, Dirk Moens, the current manager, was put in charge of the company.  It became bigger and the machinery was renewed. 


New building

The building became too small again. Therefore the building has completely been demolished and has been rebuild on the same site in 2010. This gave the company the opportunity to expand the machinery even further.


A good design is key to a successful mould. 

Product Design

The development of a new product requires a sophisticated design that takes all the steps of the process into account.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is an important step in the product development process. With our 3D-printer, we can easily verify your design. A 3D-printed prototype allows you  to make adjustments easily. 


Moldflow Study

To improve the efficiency of the mould, we can provide a flow simulation, in order to detect any error before the actual manufacturing process. These simulations lead to a balanced mould filling by choosing the right shape and injection. In addition to the filling, the cooling can also be analysed. 

Mould design

Powerful cad software with supplier catalogues shortens the design process. We determine together the material,  the filling and sealing process, depending on the expected production. 



Thermoplast injection mould

We are specialised in the fabrication of thermoplastic injection moulds for a diverse range of applications, such as packaging, automotive industry and technical parts. More pictures...


Diecast mould

We manufacture high-quality injection moulds for high-pressure diecasting in zamak and aluminium. More pictures...


Thermoset injection mould

We are experienced in various thermoset plastic injection molds for automotive. More pictures...


Vacuüm mould

This cost-effective method is suitable for a diverse range of plastic processing applications, but especially for the packaging industry. More pictures...


Extrusion mould

We manufacture high precision moulds for rubber and other thermoplast materials. More pictures...


Press tool

We produce tools and dies for stamping, forming and deep drawing. More pictures...


Mechanical parts

We make all kind of high precision mechanical parts, as per drawing supplied by our customer . More pictures...


Nazarethsesteenweg 23 - 9800 Deinze - Belgium

Telephone +32 (0) 93863474 
Email: info(at)

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